What makes us strong

At Sunrise, you work in a dynamic and international environment, where every voice is heard, perspectives are shared and values are respected.

We are Passionate

Connecting people and driving connectivity: We work toward our goal each and every day, full of energy and positivity. We surprise and impress with brilliant and innovative products. We think big and make things happen: We do everything we can to leave our customers with a big smile.

We are Bold

We are bold, motivate each other and blaze new trails. We challenge existing structures. We try to make improvements on a daily basis and create space for our creativity to flourish. Of course, mistakes do happen! But they help us as we try to come up with the best solutions.

We are One

Diversity, equality and inclusion have been a matter of course for us for a long time. These values help us grow every day, both personally and as a company. They connect and promote humanity as well as our team spirit. Many different personalities from all over the world inspire us and offer new perspectives.

To the Benefits

We are open to you and the world

Become part of our global community, realizing projects together.

Making work even more fun

Every person and every team has a place where they love to work most and where they work best. That’s why you and your team make those decisions together.

«We create the best working conditions to make sure everyone can realize their potential»

Anywhere, at any time, in any way

The Sunrise Way of Working describes how, where and when each and every one of us works and how we define our working relationship. It places focus on the work and life situations of individuals and offers the flexibility and freedom to find the right model for you and your team.

More about Sunrise

Why not take a look

What you see is what you get: great people, a pleasant working environment, impressive offices, a fine staff restaurant, in-house fitness rooms and offers, a cool bar and much more.