Materiality analysis

In 2022, Sunrise carried out a comprehensive double-materiality analysis to look at the impact of its business activities on the environment, society and the economy, while at the same time examining the influence of external factors on its long-term commercial success. This identified the key issues that have a significant impact on business success and where the company has a significant impact on the environment, society and the economy. These topics were evaluated and identified with the help of internal stakeholders. Based on the Sunrise strategy, the key topics identified have been divided into four pillars: People, Planet, Progress and Governance.

The focus is on People, Planet and Progress, while Governance forms the basis for these three pillars.

Within the ten focus topics (materiality analysis, top right), Sunrise is pursuing a higher level of ambition, including strategic company-wide goals. The five basic topics are also important, but less relevant from a strategic point of view.