Diversity, equity and inclusion

Sunrise maintains a vibrant, cosmopolitan environment in which different opinions are heard, perspectives are shared, and values are respected. Sunrise believes that providing equal opportunities for everyone is crucial for the company’s long-term success. Around 2,740 employees from some 70 nations reflect a wide variety of languages, cultures, and religions. Their expertise, innovative thinking and exceptional commitment all help to make Sunrise successful.

When it comes to gender balance, there is still room for improvement and Sunrise is pursuing this with high priority – the company is planning to make significant progress through managers taking greater responsibility, establishing standardised recruitment processes, and taking a more proactive approach to promoting women, especially in technical areas. In addition to gender identity, the focus is on other dimensions of diversity (e.g. ethnic diversity, age) to ensure appropriate representation of society and Sunrise customers.

The «YouBelong!» DE&I programme is helping to create an environment in which everyone can develop their full potential. Mutual respect, appreciation and openness to different backgrounds and perspectives all create a safe space that promotes a sense of belonging and creates identity. The statement «YouBelong!» is of genuine importance at Sunrise, both in its public discourse as a company and as an employer, and this extends to the relationships it maintains with its employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and local communities.

With four Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), diversity is being strengthened in the areas of gender, LGTBQIA+, ability, and neurodiversity, and race and ethnicity. Targeted funding supports these networks in creating a bottom-up, inclusive, and open corporate culture in which every employee is respected, recognised and empowered.

Sunrise is a member of Advance, Switzerland’s leading business association for gender equality, and part of Ringier’s EqualVoice initiative, which promotes gender equality and enables women to have an equal voice and participate in political, economic, and social affairs.

Sunrise has been committed to equal pay for many years and in 2023 this was recognised when Sunrise was awarded the Advanced certificate from Fair-ON-Pay. Sunrise was also awarded the LGBTI Label in 2023. This quality label, which is awarded by the independent NGO of the same name, is recognition of its intensive efforts to promote diversity, equality, and inclusion.

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