People attraction, development and retention

The success of Sunrise depends to a large extent on the expertise, experience and commitment of its employees. 

Fair, equal recruitment, attractive remuneration and benefit offers as well as opportunities for progression are critical elements for recruitment. Personnel development focuses on different target groups, such as young talents, graduates, and managers, and on an appreciative feedback culture. Regular surveys are conducted among employees, and, as part of the Connected Conversations, quarterly feedback discussions are held between employees and their line managers. Mistakes are seen as a learning opportunity and the assumption of responsibility and creative freedom is encouraged. This establishes an atmosphere of trust that encourages employees to champion innovation and deliver excellence.

The "RiseUP" programme invests intensively in the leadership development of over 500 leaders. This promotes behaviour and skills in line with our values and goals.

Sunrise employees’ commitment and satisfaction are supported by embracing a flexible working model that is enshrined in guidelines for flexible working and even working abroad. This facilitates a range of lifestyles, promotes diversity among employees and rewards performance.

Our targets