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Boost your Internet

Mobile solutions for home office

Boost your Internet with an additional Mobile Internet solution.

Now unlimited 4G+ data in Switzerland including Hotspot for only CHF 27.25 instead of 57.25 / month or unlimited 5G data including HTC 5G Hub Hotspot for only CHF 39. - instead of 84.- / month.

Sunrise mobile internet unlimited 4G+ & 4G WiFi Tower
for only CHF 27.25 / month.

Strengthen your internet with an additional internet connection for home office or streaming. Now with 60% discount on mobile internet unlimited.
Hotspot and internet for only CHF 27.25 instead of 57.25 per month.
Online only:  save CHF 55 activation fee 

Sunrise 4G+ WiFi Tower

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Sunrise mobile internet 5G & HTC 5G Hub
for only CHF 39.- / month.

Buy the HTC 5G HUB together with the Mobile Internet Unlimited 5G subscription
for only CHF 39.– instead of 84.– per month and save CHF 1080.– the next 24 months.

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