extra SIM Business
Online everywhere with your laptop or tablet

extra SIM Business.
Your independent mobile data connection for up to five devices.

Your advantages at a glance
  • Mobile connectivity for up to five devices

  • Easy management at the Sunrise Business Portal

  • One single bill for all applications – detailed and easy-to-read

  • No longer any need to switch SIM cards between devices

  • Also available as an eSIM

extra SIM Business

Would you like to be able to work on the move, regardless of your location, the time, or the device you’re using? That’s no longer a problem, thanks to the Sunrise Business mobile subscription with the new extra Sunrise SIM Business feature. This feature allows you to connect as many as five mobile devices with separate SIM cards to the Internet in any place and at any time.

Communication infrastructure requirements are constantly on the rise at startups, SMEs and large companies alike. Your employees expect to be able to connect to the Internet everywhere, access company data, and enjoy outstanding mobile network coverage that allows them to work independently and flexibly when they’re on the move. The solution here is Sunrise extra SIM Business, which allows for mobile working on up to five different devices, including smartphones, laptops and tablets. Just insert the Sunrise extra SIM Business card into the devices you wish to use and you’ll be able to go online with all of them simultaneously.


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