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How does Smart Upgrade work?

Watch this video now or find all the answers in our FAQ below.

Smart Upgrade benefits in a nutshell

Get it at the lowest monthly price

Benefit from a discount of up to 25% on the latest smartphones.

Get it every two years

Trade in your smartphone every 24 months and enjoy the latest tech again and again, with up to 25% off.

Keep it forever

You’d like to keep your smartphone after 24 months? Then you can simply pay the remaining balance.

For more information and conditions on Smart Upgrade, see the Factsheet

And there’s another benefit as well

After upgrading, we’ll put your smartphone through a responsible aftercare process: we'll either refurbish it to maximise its lifespan or recycle it to minimise waste. Want to get started? Check out our Smart Upgrade offers.

Smart Upgrade for iPhone

Get 25% off the latest iPhone and save 20% on all older models.

Smart Upgrade for Samsung Smartphones

Get 25% off the latest Galaxy S and Galaxy Z series models.

Trade in your smartphone at any time

Combine Smart Upgrade and Flex Upgrade. This gives you the option of trading in your smartphone or having it repaired at any time. iPhone customers benefit from AppleCare and 50 GB of iCloud+ storage.

Upgrade and benefit – with a good conscience

Sell your old device with Buyback and get credit for your new one. Once you’ve received your new device, simply send us the old one within 14 days.

Any questions?

Find all the answers here and visit our Support page.

Smart Upgrade offers full flexibility. After 24 months, you decide whether you want to upgrade or keep your smartphone. You have the following options:

  1. Upgrade to any smartphone model and return your current model within 14 days of receiving the new one.

  2. Simply keep your current smartphone and pay off the remaining balance either over the next 12 months or all at once.

  3. Return your current smartphone.

No matter which option you choose, you’ll never be any worse off financially than with a traditional device plan – that’s why Smart Upgrade is always a good choice, even if you’re not sure whether you’ll want to upgrade in two years.

As with any device plan, you can cancel Smart Upgrade at any time. If you do cancel early, you’ll need to pay all the outstanding monthly instalments and the remaining balance. For information on how much you’d have to pay if you decide to cancel early, please visit My Sunrise.

No surprises with the transparent and simple classifications of Smart Upgrade when you return your iPhone. As long as the device is fully functional, it will be classed as Good.

  • Good = the smartphone may have marks, dents and scratches, but no broken parts (screen, port, etc.), and the battery must be over 80%.

    In this case, the value of the smartphone is 100% of the remaining balance. You can upgrade to a new smartphone without making any further payments.

  • Damaged = the smartphone has a crack in the screen, broken ports, is bent or the battery is below 80%.

    In this case, we’ll have to examine the smartphone more thoroughly, and you'll need to pay at least part of the remaining balance.


  • Broken = the smartphone isn't functional, the display isn't working, the battery is swollen, there are LCD issues, non-original parts have been installed, «Find My» (iOS) or «Find My Device» (Android) is enabled.
    Grade C devices are recycled by our licensed partner in Switzerland. In this case, you'll need to pay the full remaining balance.


Since the vast majority of emissions are generated during the manufacturing process, the most sustainable option is to get the maximum operating life out of a smartphone. On average, our customers use smartphones for a period of 24 to 36 months. After that, over 50% of these devices end up in a drawer. If the device is refurbished professionally after 24 months, this enables a second owner to use it for another 24–36 months, which results in a total device lifespan of 48–72 months.