Sunrise Smart Upgrade

Sunrise Smart Upgrade is an easy way to get the latest iPhone every two years.

How Sunrise Smart Upgrade works

Sunrise gives you a discount on every iPhone, which corresponds to the remaining rate due on your iPhone after 24 months.

Thanks to the discount, your monthly installments are 25% lower on the latest iPhone models (excluding the iPhone SE series) and 20% lower on all other iPhones compared to a standard device plan. After 24 months, you can either choose your new iPhone model and return your device in good condition, or you can keep your current iPhone by setting the remaining rate.

What options do I have after two years?

Sunrise Smart Upgrade offers you complete flexibility. After 24 months, you can decide whether you want to upgrade or keep your current iPhone. You have the following four options:

  • Upgrade to any new iPhone model. Return your current iPhone within 14 days of receiving the new iPhone.

  • Keep your current iPhone and conveniently pay the remaining rate with an additional 12-month installment plan.

  • Keep your current iPhone and pay the remaining rate all at once.

  • Hand back your current iPhone.

What are the terms of exchange?

As long as the device is fully functional, it is classified as grade A.

  • Grade A = The iPhone may have marks, dents and scratches, but no broken parts (screen, port, etc.), and the battery must be over 80% functional.

    In this case, the value of the iPhone is 100% of the remaining rate. You can upgrade to a new iPhone without making any further payments.

  • Grade B = The iPhone has a crack in the screen, broken ports, is bent or the battery is below 80%.

    In this case, the iPhone must be examined in more detail, and a revaluation may be required.

  • Grade C = The iPhone does not function, the display is not working, the battery is swollen, liquid damage, LCD problems, non-original parts have been installed or the iPhone has been reported as lost or stolen.

    Grade C devices are recycled by our licensed partner in Switzerland. In this case, the remaining rate will be recalculated.

What happens to my old device?

Your returned iPhone will be refurbished and resold by our certified Swiss partner – giving your iPhone a second life in the environment. In the unlikely event that your iPhone cannot be refurbished, our partner will recycle the device and Sunrise will plant a tree in Switzerland.

Is early cancellation possible?

As with any device plan, you can cancel Sunrise Smart Upgrade at any time. In the event of an early cancellation, you have to pay all outstanding monthly installments and the remaining rate of your iPhone. For information on how much you would have to pay in the event of an early cancellation, please visit My Sunrise.


Change of ownership not possible

With Sunrise Smart Upgrade, the contract cannot be transferred to another person.