Sunrise offers the «best mobile telephony» and 99.99999% network stability

In the most important telecommunications comparison test in the German-speaking region – the connect mobile network test (issue 01/2023) – the Sunrise mobile network was awarded the top rating of «OUTSTANDING» for the seventh time in a row. According to the independent trade magazine, Sunrise offers the «best mobile telephony», the highest quality broadband coverage and the largest 5G network in Switzerland. Sunrise as a telecommunications provider is also distinguished by its outstanding mobile network coverage. The network has been reaching 99.9% of the population for many years now. And if you can believe it, network stability is even better: Sunrise offers fantastic availability of 99.99999%.

The Sunrise mobile network strengths – at a glance

​The Sunrise mobile network is the only network in Switzerland to be rated «OUTSTANDING» for the seventh time in a row.
Wide network coverage of 99.9%
Sunrise distinguishes itself through outstanding mobile network coverage.
Availability: 99.99999%
Sunrise also achieves an excellent score for the stability of the mobile network.
Largest 5G network in Switzerland
The work done to expand 5G is impressive. Sunrise offers the largest 5G network.
5G standalone roaming connection
Together with its partners, Sunrise has established a 5G standalone roaming connection between Europe and Southeast Asia.

Sunrise is continuously expanding its network

The Sunrise network is «OUTSTANDING». But we don’t want to rest on our laurels. The expansion of 5G and upgrading the landline network to deliver speeds of 10 gigabytes require huge levels of investment. That’s why Sunrise invests heavily in its network on a regular basis.

Tips and tricks to make your mobile network connection even better

The 3G mobile network is outdated. We recommend switching to a 4G- or 5G-capable mobile phone. As a general rule and whenever possible, it’s good to opt for the latest generation of devices and to install the latest device software (iOS, Android, etc.).

The fifth generation of mobile communications offers plenty of advantages: significantly higher upload and download speeds, low latency and much more. At Sunrise Business, we’ve got a range of offers available for you: 5G-compatible devices and the perfect mobile subscriptions.

Is 5G perhaps already available on your device, but you’ve somehow deactivated it? Maybe even on purpose, to save battery life? Check your phone settings. We recommend that you select «5G automatically» for lightning-fast Internet.

VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE and allows you to make calls via the 4G/LTE mobile network. We’ve noticed that many of our customers have deactivated this function on their 4G devices. Activate VoLTE and benefit from crystal-clear sound quality, fast connection and a significantly reduced dropped-call rate.

How to activate VoLTE

You’ve got a 4G mobile phone and are struggling to make calls abroad? Then be sure to activate VoLTE when you’re abroad. But it’s best to make calls via Wi-Fi in countries where VoLTE isn’t available.

If your mobile network quality inside a building isn’t great, we first recommend activating the «Wi-Fi Calling» option. If no Wi-Fi is available, our Business Indoor Coverage solutions are a great option.

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If the mobile phone cells are overloaded, the transmission may be interrupted when using video- and audio-calling apps such as WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, etc. For a better connection, we recommend using the Sunrise services VoLTE or Wi-Fi Calling.

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Make the most of the 5G network with the latest generation of devices

To get the best reception, we recommend using the excellent Sunrise network together with high-performance devices.
Are you looking to upgrade individual devices or planning on renewing your entire device fleet? We can offer you the perfect solution for any situation.

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