Swiss Post Ltd
Advanced technologies for a competitive and future-oriented presence

"In Sunrise we have found a dedicated partner to help us keep up with the rapid pace of technological change and develop high-performance IT products that
will enable us to continue offering unrivaled services well into the future."

Christian Zeller, Director IT – The Swiss Post Ltd

  • Nearly 160 years after it was established, the Post is associated with the values of reliability and punctuality in the public mind. However, the company is constantly faced with new challenges – whether it’s domestic and foreign competition or the perpetually evolving demands of the digital age. In order to maintain its status as a leading service provider, the Post must constantly draw on new technologies such as expandable M2M services and rely on a strong partner. This partner should be able to ensure comprehensive network coverage and strong protection against outages, since delivery employees cannot do their work properly without guaranteed 24-hour Internet access to retrieve information.



Landline and mobile phone services
The company uses about 150 centralized landline connections that will soon also be incorporated via SIP trunk, thus guaranteeing reachability of over 1,500 post offices. For mobile services a customized solution has been established based on the reliable Swisswide Sunrise mobile network. About 50 large Post premises have been equipped with Sunrise indoor coverage systems in order to guarantee full coverage inside the most important buildings as well. These amplify signals, to ensure the best calling connectivity even in the backmost rooms. Over 2,500 employees of Post and Postfinance have been supplied with tablets; this ensures that employees are always connected and enables them to complete transactions in real time.

Swiss Post Scanner Data
Delivery employees have scanners available that are used to letters or packages, collect recipient signatures, and notify headquarters that delivery has been made. Change of address order and address modifications are also taken care of using the Swiss Post Scanner Data. Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication passes through the Sunrise high-speed Internet and features reliable, real-time coverage nationwide, even in the most remote regions making up-to-the-minute information available to the Post’s customers and to headquarters around the clock. 22,000 scanners are currently in use. Since the start of 2016, another 2,000 new devices have been equipped with the innovative Swiss Post Scanner Voice system, which facilitates M2M communication as well as mobile calling.

Data services and extranet platform
Sunrise offers the Post services such as fiber optic lines, protection against DDOS attacks (targeted server overloads), and highly redundant lines to assure service availability even in case of outages of important connections. Dedicated IT Security Services are also provided by Sunrise. Sunrise has also set up an innovative extranet platform for the Swiss Post through which all relevant data is exchanged: this might include interactions with customers, orders, personnel changes, transactions, e-billing, order status, and numerous other functions. It allows the service provider to keep track of everything at all times, making cumbersome communication via e-mail or conventional mail superfluous. It also enhances sustainability – one of the Post’s top priorities. Of course the platform is subject to the strictest security regulations; Sunrise also handles the implementation of these regulations.

Customer benefits
  • Centralized landline calling via 150 landline accesses; soon also via SIP trunk for connecting all post offices and logistics centers

  • Best mobile network coverage even in remote regions and – thanks to indoor-coverage systems – in the large post office buildings

  • M2M communication (“machine-to-machine”) in real time; for example scanners equipped with a mobile calling feature

  • IT infrastructure from a single source – including a specially set up extranet platform to simplify administration

  • More sustainability offered by customized solutions and products that are constantly being optimized

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