Smart Cities –
intelligent infrastructure and quality of life with 5G

The worldwide trend toward urbanization has not reached its peak yet. However, it is clear now that immense efforts are required to design life in the megacities of the future to the benefit of all residents.

Public life in large residential areas will not work without an infrastructure that is well-coordinated and intelligently managed. Thanks to 5G, these cities can be run in a "smarter" way.

Traffic infrastructure is an excellent example where the opportunities to relieve the growing traffic volume with additional routes have been exhausted. Centrally managed traffic management systems will determine our mobility regardless of the means of transportation. Optimally networked antenna and receiver systems will direct traffic in a way that facilitates an even, resource-friendly flow at all times.

Work Smart concepts provide the option to work from anywhere, which will lead to a revolution in the business world. Likewise, this flexibilization works only if the Internet of Things can integrate all stakeholders very quickly meaning the facilitation of an interaction between machines and vehicles as well as between people and people and machines.

Which, in turn, will contribute to easing the traffic infrastructure burden.

At the same time, 5G is also going to increase safety in public. Thanks to low latency, all captured data is transferred and processed in real time. One scenario is the trip to the hospital where the trauma center staff receives patient information, such as vital parameters, ahead of time. Such services can save lives. Just like the transmission of data when there are crises such as fires or natural disasters.


Use Cases – 5G in real life

Here we are showing you potential applications and scenarios that will convey what 5G will mean for us – in a realistic and practice-oriented way. Join us on our discovery tour!

5G – implementing the world of tomorrow together

We can expect groundbreaking improvements in all areas of our lives. Besides software and network infrastructure, such changes naturally also require new hardware solutions and construction-related activities. We at Sunrise have already responded to that.


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