New living quality –
5G brings the future into our homes

We could, of course, also call it the "Internet of small Things". When looking at it more closely, however, you can see that 5G stands for a giant leap into the future of residential living.

One aspect is the simple fact that it is going to affect almost every single household. Thanks to the technical enhancements, features that still sound like utopia today will soon be part of our everyday lives. And just like most people can no longer imagine life without their smartphones, the Smart Home will become a cherished standard in the near future.

In this scenario, the principle of the Internet of Things (IoT) will be transferred to our homes, just like with industrial applications. Because in our personal lives, too, various sensors and actors have to communicate with a control unit – and it has to happen in real time.

Although the Smart Home can be operated exclusively inside the coverage area of a personal Wi-Fi, its actual purpose is to control the entire home from the road as well. This does not only apply to seasonal requirements such as sun protection with shades or heat control. Especially security aspects from video monitoring with an alarm system to the control of the stove or the failure of the freezer require a rapid data transfer which 5G offers in real time from everywhere. And you can be happy to know that Switzerland is a leader in the expansion of the 5G network, with Sunrise as one of its drivers.


Use Cases – 5G in real life

Here we are showing you potential applications and scenarios that will convey what 5G will mean for us – in a realistic and practice-oriented way. Join us on our discovery tour!

5G – implementing the world of tomorrow together

We can expect groundbreaking improvements in all areas of our lives. Besides software and network infrastructure, such changes naturally also require new hardware solutions and construction-related activities. We at Sunrise have already responded to that.


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