Sydney Fowkes

Head of Contact Center

What do you think makes an employer a great employer? 

A great employer not only focuses on performance, but also cares about well-being in terms of further training, opportunities for advancement and job security. Generally speaking, today’s employer simply must be attractive with a modern corporate culture. 

What do you particularly like about Sunrise?

As a long-standing employee, I cannot imagine a better employer. I enjoy the challenging and diverse tasks I face on a daily basis with a very healthy working environment. Respect and appreciation are essential to us. Benefits, cool employee offers and discounts are further highlights.

What do you particularly like about your job?

The challenge of providing our customers with outstanding customer service on a daily basis, even in difficult situations. And all this with the best colleagues a manager can dream of.

«Further training, opportunities for advancement, job security: people are taken care of here.»

Do you make use of the opportunities for flexible working? 

The pandemic has shown us that flexible working is here to stay. We’ve learned how to work from home. I personally prefer to primarily work at the office, but I like to work from home 1 or 2 days a week to strike the right balance.

How do you organize yourselves as a team? 

We work at the office at least twice a week on set days. It helps to make sure we all see each other and can speak about our ideas in person.

How do you like our office and infrastructure? 

Our Ambassador House is amazing. It’s very modern and comfortable. It has everything from places of retreat like our relaxation, focus and meeting rooms to public spaces and cafeterias to share ideas and work together. 

Do you use the training and personal development that is on offer?

Definitely. I’ve gained knowledge and skills that have enabled me to become even more efficient and creative and to develop further. Sunrise has its own learning campus. People receive support in finding and completing the right training to suit their individual needs.

How about the team spirit and social life?

For me, team spirit is synonymous with a feeling of WE. A feeling that gives every team member the peace of mind that they’ll not have to tackle difficult situations alone. This also includes celebrating successes and beautiful moments together.

What career goals are you pursuing and how are you supported in achieving them?

I want to further improve my leadership skills and take on even more responsibility. My managers continuously support and encourage me to achieve my goals. We get together to discuss ideas about this on a quarterly basis.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Great place to work! I’ve been with Sunrise for almost 3 years and am incredibly grateful for every year. My recommendation rate is 100%.