Youth protection

Media literacy and the protection of minors

In the age of smartphones, social media, and the Internet, it's not always easy to stay on top of things. Today's mobile phones have many features that offer advantages to young people, but also come with risks. As part of an industry-wide initiative, Sunrise is actively involved in the topic of youth media protection.

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Key behavioral tips

  • Be there with your child as they take their first steps on the Internet.

  • Talk to your child about the risks associated with Internet surfing. Come to an agreement with your child about which Internet content they may access, for how long and how often. Scheduled Internet surfing times ensure that your child does not neglect other interests.

  • As a parent, make sure your child knows how to carefully handle their personal information and understands the potential consequences of the careless disclosure of personal information.

  • Since some of the information on the Internet is false, encourage your child to have a critical mindset.

  • Talk to them about the most important aspects of social networks: Be careful when sharing personal information; it is often impossible to delete this information later. This also applies to photos and videos of other people, which you may not publish without their consent. Just as in real life, insults, and other affronts may be considered a criminal offense. Never add or follow someone as a friend if you do not already know them in real life.

  • Set up the technical parental controls described below on your Sunrise TV and use Kaspersky parental control software for your child's mobile phone.

Sunrise TV and parental control settings

Parental control settings are in the "Settings" menu. The following settings are available for ComeBack TV and On Demand:

  • ComeBack TV parental controls: The options are “on” and “off.” When this option is activated, your children will not be able to access ComeBack TV content during nighttime hours.

  • On Demand parental controls: You can set the following minimum age limits: Off, FSK 6 and up (FSK is a self-regulatory body of the movie industry), FSK 12 and up, FSK 16 and up, FSK 18 and up. Content suitable for 18 and up (FSK 18) is blocked by default, and its display image at the shops is covered up. A PIN must be entered to display the movie covers and rent the movies. In addition, you can set a monthly limit for the purchase of VoD content.

Premium rate services and parental control settings

  • Only persons 18 and older can take out a Sunrise Mobile subscription. During the order process, customers are asked to indicate whether the main user of the mobile subscription is a minor. In this case the use of all premium rate numbers (0900: business and marketing; 0901: entertainment; and 0906: adult content such as erotic content and premium SMS) will be blocked. Parents and guardians (as contract partners) can later permit the use of 0900 and 0901 premium rate numbers and premium SMS. They can do this by changing the settings accordingly in My Sunrise. However, the use of 0906 numbers will remain blocked. When the main user turns 18, it is possible to use 0906 numbers.

  • Premium SMS services may be used by those 16 years with parental permission and for short numbers starting with 6, users have to be 18 or older. This is determined by the age of the holder of the mobile number as recorded in MySunrise.

Parental control software

Safe Internet surfing tips for your children. For more information on our Kaspersky Safe Kids parental control software option, please visit:

Kaspersky Safe Kids

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