Combine Mobile with Sunrise Office (fixnet, internet and TV) and get another 15% combined advantage on the basic fees of all products. Sunrise Office subscriptions with a reduced basic fee (promotions) for the duration of the discount are excluded from the combined discount.

The activation fee (incl. SIM card) per subscription is CHF 55.

The minimum contract period for the mobile subscriptions associated with the ASTAG member or partner programme is 12 months.

Cancellation of the contract without notice is associated with costs.

The member or partner discount applies to a maximum of 20 subscriptions. Special conditions apply for 20 or more subscriptions.

Our offer, your benefit

  • Best mobile network in Switzerland (connect network test 2018)

  • Up to 45% discount on mobile subscriptions when combined with Sunrise Office (30% ASTAG discount on mobile subscriptions and 15% combined discount with Sunrise Office)

  • Reliable partner, awarded best universal provider for the self-employed and SMEs in Switzerland (BILANZ Telecom Rating 2018)

  • 24/7 hotline for technical support, exclusive for business customers