Smart Farming
5G – The unlimited connection to the latest network

Smart Farming with 5G - from the milk bottle to the combine

New IoT technologies such as 5G offer farmers extremely powerful information and communication possibilities. With its high degree of individualization and flexibility, 5G can be used in all areas of a farm. With scalability, the needs-based use is efficient and economical in farms ranging from small enterprises to large cooperatives.

Whether with work in the field or on the farm, tending to livestock, or with the joint use of agricultural machinery: Smart farming is the answer to a highly complex profession. Anyone wanting to be successful as a farmer in the global markets must apply all state-of-the-art technological options available.

What are the advantages of Smart Farming?

Smart farming makes a number of risks assessable and at the same time supplies fundamentally important data. Weather forecasts, information on soil conditions, and on the maturity level of plants—all this information is relevant for decision-making and providing the farmer with recommendations for efficient and resource-friendly actions. They also facilitate the environmentally friendly and sustainable use of fertilizers and pesticides.

The Internet of Things, too, is one of the 5G application scenarios in this instance. For example, the combine can autonomously order the transporter exactly to the minute during the current harvest and provide instructions on where to deliver the harvest. In particular with delicate products such as milk that require immediate processing, this leads to noticeable quality improvements.

The transformation to agriculture 4.0

To ensure that communication between machines (M2M) and with the farmer works, a needs-based infrastructure consisting of various transmission and receiver options will develop. Sunrise plays a leading role in the expansion of 5G in Switzerland.

The focus here is on the «Wired to Wireless Transformation» of data transfer. This transformation will lead to important benefits in rural areas in particular. It can be carried out quickly and at a relatively low cost, and geographical obstacles don't pose a problem either. The transformation will make it possible to offer significantly faster, more flexible, and more economical Internet and connectivity services in hard-to-access areas.


Use Cases – 5G in real life

Here we are showing you potential applications and scenarios that will convey what 5G will mean for us – in a realistic and practice-oriented way. Join us on our discovery tour!

5G – implementing the world of tomorrow together

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