Sunrise | Handy-, Internet- und TV-Abos für die Schweiz


Connecting people and enabling digitalisation

Thanks to the outstanding quality of our network and our innovative products, we enable digital progress in society. We are proud to be an integral part of everyday life and build connections between people.

Our targets


Sunrise customers benefit from a multi-award-winning mobile network. The renowned «connect» test has awarded the Sunrise network the highest rating of «outstanding» eight years in a row. Sunrise provides a network that covers virtually the entire country (99.98%) and delivers world-leading quality for voice and data connections. And its network stability is even better – Sunrise offers availability of 99.9%. As well as having the best mobile network, its hybrid fibre network means that Sunrise delivers genuine giga speeds to over 90% of Swiss households. 

Outstanding service quality complements the company’s outstanding network, and «connect» recognised this with its award for the best customer service for the second time in a row in 2023. Sunrise customer service sets the benchmark and also achieves the highest score throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This is mainly due to the superb quality of advice and the friendliness of employees.  


Sunrise lays the foundation for companies to drive technological advances and shape the future in innovative ways. Technologies such as 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI are ready for use, and they’re opening up plenty of opportunities for innovative companies.  

Specialist Sunrise teams are developing new services and products that enable user-friendly, secure, and inclusive digitalisation. 

In Europe’s first 5G Joint Innovation Hub at Sunrise headquarters in Opfikon, Zurich, 5G and IoT applications for private and business customers are being developed and promoted. The fifth generation of mobile communication and the Internet of Things make completely new customer experiences, automated processes, and new business models possible. The hub promotes the development of a Switzerland-wide 5G ecosystem and allows the visitor to experience innovative applications that either have already been launched or are about to be brought to the market. 

In partnership with Caritas, Sunrise promotes digital education for people in Switzerland whose income is low. With this collaboration, Sunrise is committed to ensuring that people in Switzerland living at or below the poverty line have access to digital services, education, and infrastructure. As part of this initiative, two mobile and two Internet subscriptions, as well as a TV product have been subsidised and offered at heavily discounted rates since August 2023.  

In 2024, the company is also launching a pilot project with Caritas in which people without many digital skills will receive support on digital issues in Sunrise shops. This advice will be provided by Sunrise employees as part of their volunteering efforts.  

As a company operating in the digital space, we believe we have a social responsibility to give people on a low budget the opportunity to participate in digital life and thus stay connected with their friends and family.

Nike Möhle, Vice President Comms & Sustainability 

In 2022, Sunrise became the first company in the world fully to equip its employees with 5G devices. Older-generation laptops are being donated to the Swiss charitable organisation «Wir lernen weiter» (wLw). The devices are professionally refurbished and provided free of charge to disadvantaged people so that they can more easily access the Internet and learn digital skills. 


Sunrise benefits from long-term stability, competitiveness and sustainable growth prospects thanks to its economic strength based on market shares and profitability. Its financial stability and competitiveness are ensured through the assessment and prevention of risks and dangers, job security, tax payments, integration of state-of-the-art technologies, and also the quality of its products and services.  

The management adopts a holistic strategy and a series of measures to promote sustainable growth which helps it to remain a leading business at a national level. 


In recent years, Sunrise has invested billions in a sustainable, high-performance telecommunications infrastructure throughout Switzerland, helping peripheral regions to become better integrated and develop economically.  

Sunrise also emphasises cooperation with local suppliers, which has a positive impact on regional development and helps Sunrise as a company to reduce international dependencies and make the supply chain more resilient. 

Sustainable Development Goals

 With our commitment, we contribute to the following SDGs: