The sustainability strategy of Sunrise is firmly anchored in the Corporate Governance System. A Sustainability Steering Committee (ESG Committee), which convenes quarterly and includes representatives from all business units as well as members of the Management Board, plans how to implement the strategy and regularly reports to the Senior Leadership Team on the company’s progress in relation to its environmental, climate, social and governance objectives.

The Sunrise ESG Committee can be reached via

All employees receive annual training in the areas of Code of Conduct (which includes anti-corruption content), «Privacy» and «Information security».

Defined target groups receive additional, detailed anti-corruption and anti-bribery training every two years.

We provide all employees, suppliers, customers, applicants, etc. with an external and independent compliance line through which they can confidentially and anonymously report incidents.

We adhere to the Sunrise Human Rights PolicyEnvironmental Policy and the principles of responsible procurement and supply chain management and communicate these to our employees, suppliers and customers.


We will be further expanding our supplier evaluation process based on our existing policies for sustainable procurement (sustainability criteria)