Mariem Fiadjigbe

Advanced Project Manager

What do you think makes an employer a great employer?

One that responds to the needs of employees as times change and reacts accordingly. I also like when employee representatives are included and collective labor agreements are considered, as they ensure we all know that we as employees have a voice. A fair salary and further training opportunities are also essential.

What do you particularly like about Sunrise?

The dynamic environment, the way we support one another and the fact that no two days are the same. I myself started as a Call Center agent then passed through various stations, learning a lot and developing along the way. Today, I’m an Advanced Project Manager and look forward to every working day

What do you particularly like about your job?

I love leading and driving projects that I initiate myself. I’ve implemented a lot of digitization and process optimizations that have provided added value for both the company and employees.

«It’s very important to me that I not only help shape the company professionally, but also contribute emotionally and socially to the company’s success.»

What has been your favorite project and why?

My first Open Service Release as a stakeholder. I like to compare project management to an orchestra. Every effort, every input must be planned in such a way that ensures the music sounds good, too. And with the Release employees, you can make music that’s simply awesome!

What has been your best moment here?

I have two different roles within the company: On the one hand I’m a project manager and on the other hand I’m an employee representative. In this second role, I represent the entire workforce, which places its trust in me. I help, support, listen and try to accommodate every request. Every word of appreciation I receive from an employee is a real highlight for me. It’s very important to me that I not only help shape the company professionally, but also contribute emotionally and socially to the company’s success.

What does a healthy work-life balance mean for you?

It means a balance between all areas of life, including work, social environment, physical and mental health and personal fulfilment. You must be mindful of all of these aspects if you want to stay healthy and productive. It’s up to each person to decide for themselves whether the balance they’re maintaining between their professional and private life is right. Life is dynamic and fluid – and so is one’s work-life balance. That’s why you should regularly self-analyze, learn to set boundaries, prioritize and delegate. It reduces stress in everyday life and ensures free time truly is free time.

Do you make use of the opportunities for flexible working?

Yes, I do. At first I was working more from home, but now I’m working more in the office again. I work at home when I have private appointments or when I really need to be concentrated and focused. But I love having the freedom to choose. It’s not a problem if I decide to work from home for an entire week, for example.

How do you organize yourselves as a team?

We have a fixed «team day» on which we all meet in person at the office. Other than that, we’re very flexible with one another and communicate openly if we want to improve something.

How do you like our office and infrastructure?

It’s super-modern. We have large screens and adjustable tables and we’re always meeting new employees thanks to the fact we don’t have fixed workstations and are free to choose any available workstation on a daily basis. I personally can get to the office in 7 minutes by bike, so I can also go home for lunch.

How would you describe Sunrise to your friends?

We’re a colorful bunch of brilliant minds. Together, we’re always trying to get the best out of everything. Very often chaotic, but also delightful and elegant. Never boring!