Andjela and Aleksandra Markovic

IT Architect and Salesforce Admin / Business Analyst 

What do you think makes an employer a great employer?

Andjela: Treating employees with respect and as human beings. A healthy corporate culture is crucial to me. It promotes team spirit and has an equally positive impact on performance.

What do you particularly like about Sunrise?

Aleksandra: The openness and positivity with which people treat each other! People are very eager to help within the company and you can learn a lot from your colleagues!

What do you particularly like about your job?

Andjela: As an IT architect, I have insight into all the company’s IT systems. Being involved in a range of projects with complex problems greatly accelerates my learning curve.

«Having a choice between the office and the home office makes life more varied. I really appreciate that.»

What has been your favorite project and why?

Aleksandra: My favorite project so far has been the merger of the UPC and Sunrise Salesforce instances. It was really interesting and instructive to see the range of process designs and find out the advantages and disadvantages. It gave us the opportunity to design new processes in a better way.

What does a healthy work-life balance entail?

Andjela: A healthy work-life balance promotes a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Do you make use of the opportunities for flexible working?

Aleksandra: Yes, because it helps make my daily routine more dynamic. Having a choice between the office and the home office makes life more varied. I really appreciate that.

Do you use the training and personal development that is on offer?

Andjela: Absolutely – gladly and very often. Sunrise offers a range of «streams» on the topic of training and certification. Managers often suggest courses. It really makes us feel supported and encouraged.

How do you organize yourselves as a team?

Aleksandra: We all get along great in the team and divide up our tasks well. We work in an agile setting and have daily stand-up calls, during which we discuss many current topics and work on solutions together. It keeps everyone up to date and identifies problems early on.

What career goals are you pursuing and how are you supported in achieving them?

Aleksandra: My managers and my team always support me in focusing on the issues that are important to me and that bring me joy. At the moment, what’s important to me is carrying on getting better and better at what I do as well as taking on more responsibility at the right times.

How do you perceive your superiors?

Andjela: I see my managers as part of the team, as people who support the team wherever they can. Any communication I have with managers is always honest, helpful and understanding.