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During the crisis, we want to provide extra support for our business customers, and that’s why we’re offering the two following options to help you generate revenue despite closed doors.

What is Hamsterli.ch?

Hamsterli.ch is a new platform for SMEs who have had to shut down business operations during the coronavirus crisis. The principle is simple: Customers buy vouchers from businesses that are currently closed and redeem them once the crisis is over. After all, everyone will be eager to get their hair done and is already looking forward to visiting their favorite restaurant again.

Sell vouchers in 4 easy steps

Sell vouchers today, provide your services tomorrow. For the first 2,000 vouchers sold, Sunrise, Zurich, and the Bank Cler are offering support in the form of a contribution of CHF 50.– (max. CHF 250.– per provider).

1. Open a voucher shop on Hamsterli.ch

2. Users can buy vouchers for future services

3. You receive the money today

4. Your customers redeem their vouchers after the crisis

Register today and create vouchers for your customers for free.


Sharing video tutorials

Without access to your services and expertise, your customers are suddenly faced with completely new challenges at home: Dying or cutting hair, maintaining the garden, doing the right fitness exercises in a disciplined way, it’s a long list. Support your customers with your expertise and create a video today.

Here’s how:

1. Create a tutorial video

Film a tutorial video, no more than 90 seconds long, on a topic in which you can support the people of Switzerland with your expertise.

2. Send an e-mail

Generate a donation link on Hamsterli.ch and send it to the following e-mail address along with your video: socialmedia1@sunrise.net.

3. We’ll share your video on social media

We’ll use our social media channels to circulate your video.

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