Maestrani Schweizer Schokoladen AG
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"Collaborating with Sunrise is always approached as an equal partnership – whether it’s the comprehensive assistance
provided by a personal point of contact or around-the-clock technical support."

Bernd Rickert, CFO – Maestrani Schweizer Schokoladen AG

  • Founded in 1852 and with brands such as Minor and Munz that are well-known across Switzerland and abroad, Maestrani Schweizer Schokoladen AG is still a manageably small company with around 150 employees. For an SME of this size, however, optimization of telecommunications services is still of great importance. They were looking for transparency, simple processes, and – most importantly – direct contact. This meant finding a telecommunications service provider capable of offering simple solutions for all sectors from a single source, while also making itself directly available – around the clock, which is of particular importance to field force. Porting from the previous provider to Sunrise needed to be implemented without a hitch and the switch had to work seamlessly.

Sustainable communication
Sustainability is an integral part of Maestrani’s corporate focus. But sustainability is also an important topic in the endless field of telecommunication: Why get your landline, mobile, and Internet from different service providers? Why make things complicated when they could be simple? Sunrise provides Maestrani’s entire telecommunications infrastructure from a single source, which reduces costs while also saving plenty of energy and administrative effort. The personal contact person is familiar with the company’s needs and can react immediately should a product fail to meet the company’s needs.

Optimization of distribution
As a chocolate producer with a variety of distribution systems and very diverse clientele, such as kiosks, gas stations, and large retailers, the seamless operation of all processes is essential for Maestrani. That’s why all field workers are provided with mobile subscriptions from Sunrise. With Sunrise multicard, orders and inventory can be managed and reviewed on up to five devices simultaneously – whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. Field staff can submit orders on-site for small customers and forward them to the CRM system online. From here, the orders are processed in the system and delivered by an external logistics company. Throughout the process, all devices can be used simultaneously with the same phone number and subscription. Everything is included.

Free company calling and real time support
Maestrani uses the additional Sunrise mygroup service for internal company calls. Using this service, employees can make calls within the company free of charge – mobile to mobile, mobile to landline, and landline to mobile. Personal support, quick reaction times, and rapid resolution of any problems, combined with 24/7 technical support work to keep telecommunication running smoothly at Maestrani.

Customer benefits
  • Increased transparency and sustainability provided by telecommunication services consolidation, with one simple solution for landline, mobile, and Internet

  • Around-the-clock availability thanks to 24/7 Sunrise technical support

  • Sunrise multicards allow field force to use up to five devices with a single number

  • The personal Sunrise contact person meets with companies to discuss all of their needs and work out suitable solutions

  • All telecommunications products and services available from a single source

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