«I want to become a Sunrise apprentice»

Sunrise offers an extremely vibrant and exciting work environment in the telecom industry

The company provides the necessary know-how you need to succeed in your professional life after completing a solid apprenticeship. Sunrise is the right place for young people with lots of ambition and initiative! Currently, Sunrise has more than 100 apprentices.

Would you like to launch your career at Sunrise?
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What do I do next?

How to apply at Sunrise

1. Motivational letter/title page

Explain in simple words why you would like to work at Sunrise – and why you feel that you are particularly well-suited for the apprenticeship you would like to do. Maybe you even want to custom design your title page?

2. Resume and report cards

Your resume does not contain much more than your date of birth, your hobbies and the school you attended – not a problem! Make sure you attach copies of your report cards

3. Submit

Check again if all documents have been uploaded, and send us your application

We look forward to meeting you

There is a lot waiting for you: an exciting, modern work environment, many Sunrise benefits and goodies, more than 100 other apprentices, and fabulous events.