About us


Timo Wettstein ~ Media

Project manager

Idea & Concept, website creation, website design, content administration, language copy integration, visuals, photography


Joëlle Ruppen ~  IT
Planning of photo shoot, interviews

Chazz Joshua Pulia ~  IT
Assistant, interview summary

Nicolas Müller ~ Media

Thank you!

Many thanks to Fabian Pachlatko for his helpful input and ideas, and his continued willingness to help.
Thanks also to Felix Häberli for the trust and abundant freedom in the areas of creativity, website creation, content, and visuals.

Thanks to Rico Tremp and Manuel Kerres for planning and setting up the interviews;

and thank you to everyone else who indirectly contributed to this website and supported it, for example, by planning for and providing the clothing, supplying materials and modeling for photo shoots, etc.


Just like the website, the new brochure was also created by an apprentice: Michelle Rabia, KV, together with her trainer Sandra Seydel in the marketing department.
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