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Sunrise is known for its great events. In your apprenticeship you have up to 4 Welcome Days camps and up to 3 project camps. In addition there are every year the voluntary Snow & Fun Days as well as many excursions and activities like visiting the Europapark, the climbing park or playing paintball. On this page you will find impressions and reports of our current events directly from the hands of learners.

Alle Sunrise Lernende 2018
Alle Sunrise Lernende 2018

Welcome Days 2018

Somewhere in nowhere 

On Wednesday morning, around 130 Sunrise trainees met at the Sihlquai bus terminal in Zurich. As is the case every year, we trainees did not know where we were going. After we had come together, got in and stowed our luggage, we were ready to go. On to the Welcome Days 2018! 

August 15, 2018

The excitement rose and everyone wanted to know where we were going to spend the next three days. After an hour's drive, we turned onto a country road and suddenly stopped next to a field, where we saw 14 wooden platforms and one wooden house. We saw Caroline, Simona and Felix standing at the edge and knew that we were in the right place. We had barely arrived when the first challenge began. We were separated into groups; with the supervision and help of a craftsman, we began to build our wooden house. After a few hours we had finished everything, and could now bring our baggage into the houses. We still had some free time. After dinner we got ready for the night, which turned out to be very cold.

August 16, 2018

The following day they gave us the next task: make our own movie! We formed our own groups out of a maximum of 14 trainees, of which there were at least 3 of 5 training occupations and at most three people from the same house. We decided on a group leader, and then each group had a genre drawn for them. We had enough time to think of a story, and after lunch we began filming the movies in the surrounding area. A few hours passed, and we finished and cut the movies. After dinner, we met up and watched all the movies together. Everyone clapped and laughed because the movies were very entertaining. In the late evening, four more graduate trainees visited us and we enjoyed the last evening together. 

August 17, 2018

Then it was time to pack and clean up again. We had to take everything out of the houses, but not tear them down, and also clean the tables and clear the site of garbage. We went and got a packed lunch, and then boarded the bus. The return trip lasted an hour again. 

It is definitely an experience none of us will ever forget. Thank you Felix, Simona and Caroline! We are looking forward to the next camp!

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