5G analysis by PC Magazin / PCgo: Sunrise receives top marks.

The fastest and best Internet
Sunrise UPC provides the fastest and best Internet in Switzerland.
The best Wi-Fi routers
With its top Wi-Fi routers, Sunrise UPC is clearly outperforming its competitors.

The latest Broadband Benchmark 2021 by PC Magazin and PCgo set out to find the best overall user experience for Internet users in Switzerland. Conclusion: With its fiber optic and cable network, Sunrise UPC offers the fastest and best Internet in Switzerland. PC Magazin sums it up in the report: «This corporate merger has created a strong carrier, and it’s raising high expectations due to its combination of the UPC broadband cable infrastructure and Sunrise fiber optics network. Sunrise UPC started as the favorite and succeeded in meeting these high expectations as the overall winner in Switzerland in our landline network comparison.»

Sunrise UPC doesn’t just stand out with the performance of its Internet access, but also with the devices used by customers, usually Wi-Fi routers with an integrated modem. These devices (most of them provided by Sagemcom and Compal Broadband Networks) are key for the customer’s Internet experience at home or at the office. Here too, Sunrise UPC far outpaces the competition. All details can be found in PC Magazin.

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