Experience tangible 5G applications and pilot projects

Sunrise and our strategic partner Huawei present the first European 5G Joint Innovation Center (JIC) in Zurich. Together, we are developing and promoting 5G and IoT applications for private and business customers. For further information or to arrange a tour, please contact your account manager or get in touch with us directly.

Pioneering, hands-on 5G projects

Learn from the experiences of the first pilot projects and draw inspiration from real use cases. The 5G Innovation Center (JIC) promotes the development of a Switzerland-wide 5G ecosystem and allows you to experience innovative applications for private and business customers which have already been launched or are about to be commercialized.

The Open Lab 5G Community

5G Open Lab offers a test environment for developing new applications and prototypes under real-life conditions in an end-to-end 5G network. Here, the Innovation Center brings together business customers, solution partners, start-ups, and a growing community of developers. It also serves as a meeting point for the media, associations, as well as organizations.

Be inspired 5G is here

Experience compelling applications live: test market-ready 5G, IoT, or VR/AR solutions.

Technical support
Fast 24 h service, including weekends
Test prototypes 5G Open Lab

Build your own applications, develop ideas, or test prototypes under the best conditions.

Go beyond what’s already possible today

The fifth generation of mobile communication and the Internet of Things make completely new customer experiences, automated processes, and new business models possible. The JIC will not only show you what’s possible now, but also offers room for new ideas. Together, we develop new applications – from the first idea through to your next steps in the digital transformation and the actual solution. Here, knowledge gained from pilot projects, methodological expertise, an understanding of business, and a hands-on mentality come together in a productive way.

Digital innovation is emerging in all fields of business and life

5G Joint Innovation Center Experience innovation live – welcoming inspiration!

Experience real 5G and IoT application examples live in the Sunrise and and Huawei Joint Innovation Center. Use our pool of experts and the growing ecosystem for your journey of digital transformation and get inspired. We will discuss your first ideas together, without any commitment, and support you in the implementation of innovation projects small and large.