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Understanding technical innovation and recognizing its business potential: that’s what our virtual webinars are all about. We are inviting you to discover the latest trends and see how they’re applied in practice.

Our experts will introduce you to exciting topics such as the modern workplace, software-defined corporate networking, virtual reality in real estate and the opportunities around IoT in the energy industry.

The digital age offers numerous opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs. We’ll bring you up to date with exciting topics.

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Microsoft Teams Meeting Online


Interactive webinar with expert sharing and live chat. Recording available via replay

VR in construction and real estate. Virtual access to real estate projects at the click of a button

This session will show you how accessible and interactive 360° virtual reality can make it easier for all stakeholders in a construction project to work together. This is also resource-efficient and environmentally friendly. Materials and interior furnishings are selected directly in the VR. This means that show apartments and empty properties are now a thing of the past.

Smart Metering: Towards innovations in the energy industry

Discover more about the potential of smart meters and the future of the energy industry. In this technical discussion, experts will debate the possibilities of a Smart Energy Strategy, the role of the Internet of Things (IoT) and how this can make an important contribution for Switzerland.

Modern corporate network: flexible and secure

We’ll demonstrate how modern network architecture with SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) and cloud-native security features connects various locations securely and optimally for the use of cloud services. The entire network is managed centrally. In the webinar, we will explain the basic principles of SD-WAN and modern security solutions and demonstrate what that means in practice based on a concrete customer project from Switzerland. Participant questions will be answered during the webinar.