Flawless Wi-Fi reception for excellent connection quality

Continuous connectivity is a top priority for any company. But what if you or your employees work in buildings with poor network coverage? No problem thanks to Wi-Fi Calling: As soon as the mobile network at your location is too weak, your smartphone automatically connects to your Wi-Fi network and you can continue making calls seamlessly via the local wireless network. This solution is suitable for companies of all sizes.

Your benefits at a glance

Excellent accessibility

With Wi-Fi Calling, you can be reached anywhere in the building and enjoy interruption-free calls.

Quick and easy installation

Works via your own Wi-Fi infrastructure and can be activated quickly and easily on your smartphone.

Free calls

Wi-Fi Calling is already included in most Sunrise Business mobile subscriptions – so you can make calls via Wi-Fi for free.

Best reception – in 3 steps

We take care of things – simply and competently.

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