Unlimited mobile Internet for limitless business applications

Are your employees always on the go? Do you require mobile and wireless access to the Internet or your company’s network? Are you looking for mobile Internet for hotspots or similar business applications? In Switzerland, Europe or across the globe? The workplace of the future is mobile, flexible and not bound to a single location. We at Sunrise are creating the ideal conditions to meet your needs in this regard: With our Business Mobile Internet subscriptions, you will always have the Internet with you wherever you go. No matter where you are or what you need it for. With top speeds on the outstanding Sunrises network and prioritized connections, even under high network loads. And, of course, with unlimited data in Switzerland and abroad.

Main benefits of Business Mobile Internet

  • Premium service for best performance: With the premium version, you will benefit from the fastest speeds, prioritized connections even under high network loads on the outstanding 4G and 5G Sunrise network, and the best roaming partner when you are out of the country.

  • Simple and flat: 4 simple flat rates for unlimited mobile Internet.

  • International: Especially attractive to business travelers: thanks to 3 international flat rates that can be easily used when abroad.

Included in all subscriptions

Data Speed: 5G
5G network up to 2 Gbit/s (download) and 300 Mbit/s (upload)
Business Priority: Premium
Prioritization of the user's voice calls and data traffic in Switzerland

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