Get your company network ready for the cloud – with a comprehensive security architecture

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a network architecture model that integrates SD-WAN and security features. SASE forms the basis for monitoring and ensuring the security of a company’s WAN network, cloud connectivity and cloud applications. Network security used to be implemented in the central data center at great expense, but with SASE it can now be provided at network interchanges – the edges – and as cloud services. Whether working at headquarters, a local branch or from home, employees have secure access to the network and cloud applications at all times. SD-WAN services are supplemented by security services such as DNS Security, Secure Web Gateways (Proxy), firewall and Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB). All SASE services are constantly kept up to date, so that the entire company network operates securely, responsively and with optimized performance.

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The evolution of SASE: a cloud-based network model with security services

MPLS connections and proprietary data centers have long been the cornerstones of WAN architectures. Over the years, however, the demands on these proprietary network infrastructures have grown significantly. In the era of the cloud, home offices and mobile working, traditional WAN architectures are reaching their limits. With SASE, a cloud-based architecture model with SD-WAN and security services has emerged. If you want to learn about the different network architectures and how SASE evolved, please join us to find out more.

Remote working and the cloud: network challenges

  • Seamless access to applications and data from anywhere

  • Secure access to the Internet and cloud applications

  • User authentication

  • Optimal usage of available bandwidth for the best possible user experience

Your customized SASE solution from Sunrise Business

Sunrise Business SASE solutions help you create an agile corporate network with comprehensive protection against current cyber threats. From the design and implementation of Cisco SD-WAN to the integration of the SASE framework with Cisco Umbrella and the operation of the SASE infrastructure: Our experienced network experts will support you through all the steps necessary to build a flexible, cloud-centric, secure corporate network that is tailored to your needs.

SASE from Sunrise Business and Cisco: security features

Enhanced security for your clouds

Remote working and cloud-based services are already widespread. Employees increasingly have access to in-house IT solutions and cloud applications when they are away from the office. This has implications for network performance: Centralized Internet access via a central connection from the company’s premises becomes a bottleneck. In addition, the complexity of IT systems and their vulnerability to cyberattacks are increasing, owing to location-independent and home-office working. This imposes new demands on network security and management.

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) provides companies with a comprehensive security architecture available for their transition to the cloud. Security policies are managed centrally for each access point via the cloud platform. SASE thus helps reduce complexity, while ensuring scalability and a high level of flexibility for the company in managing and protecting its own network.

Strong partnership with market leader Cisco

For SASE, we rely on state-of-the-art technologies from market leader Cisco. This strategic partnership means we are the perfect service provider for customized SD-WAN architectures and SASE frameworks. Together, we can offer the optimal solution for your company and make your SD-WAN project a success.

Implement SD-WAN with Cisco Meraki or Cisco SD-WAN (formerly Viptela) – either as a managed service or a fully integrated solution. When implementing your SASE architecture, we rely on the Cisco Umbrella Cloud security platform – for flexible, scalable SD-WAN protection.

Is your ICT infrastructure up to date and future-proof?

Our engineers can check your current infrastructure and discuss your needs with you free of charge. They can then make a proposal for a solution tailored to your needs.

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