Swiss Post AG trusts Sunrise

Competitive with a look to the future and a focus on the customer. That’s how Swiss Post AG operates on the Swiss market. The company can rely on the advanced technologies and services of Sunrise. They support the post in the digitalization of their processes and facilitate digital interaction with customers.

Customer benefits

  • Centralized, redundant SIP trunks for the junction to the public landline calling network for over 10`000 users

  • Best mobile network coverage even in remote regions and – thanks to indoor coverage systems – in the most important post office building

  • Mobile data communication (“Machine-to-Machine”) in real-time, mobile data transmission for mail carrier scanning devices, transmission of vehicle and passenger information of passenger information of Postbuses and trucks of Post-Logistics as well as the data of parcel delivery

  • Interconnexion of all post locations incl. agencies in a proprietary private network (WAN)

  • IT infrastructure from a single source – including a specially configured extranet platform to simplify administration of orders, mutations and billing between the Post and Sunrise

  • Greater sustainability through customized solutions and products and services that are constantly being optimized


Moving from the traditional to the modern

Over 170 years after its foundation, the Post is still considered by many to be the embodiment of reliability, punctuality and trustworthiness. The company still has to constantly rise to meet new challenges – whether it’s domestic and foreign competition or the perpetually evolving demands of the digital age.

In order to maintain its status as THE leading service provider, the Post must continuously draw on new technologies, for which it needs a strong partner. A partner who operates and keeps expanding its outstanding mobile network across Switzerland and powerful, failsafe landline infrastructure. These infrastructures allow the employees in mail and parcel delivery to access the data of the Post at any time and reliably carry out their task, to quickly serve customers using modern tools. For the Post, data transmission between all Post locations (headquarters, offices, Post access points and branches with partners as well as data centers – all bundled into a large network) is vital to perform its services and control all Post service processes.


The Post uses about 150 centralized landline connections, redundantly connected via SIP trunks, connecting, among others, roughly 2`800 branch access points, including branches with partners and Post service points. Thanks to the integration of new hardware and applications, realized with the support of Sunrise, internal communication can now also take place via Skype for Business and/or MS Teams.

Mobile phone services are facilitated by a bespoke solution based on the reliable Swisswide Sunrise mobile network. In the meantime, all large Post premises were equipped with Sunrise indoor coverage systems, to guarantee full coverage inside the most important buildings as well. These enable perfect voice connections and data transmissions, also in the backmost rooms. Over 2`500 employees of the Post and its subsidiaries were given tablets, to make sure that employees are always connected and can complete transactions in real time.

The delivery staff have scanners that are used to record registered letters or parcels, collect recipient signatures, and notify headquarters that delivery has been made. Changes of address orders and address modifications are also taken care of using the Swiss Post Scanner Data. Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication passes through the Sunrise mobile highspeed Internet and features reliable, real-time coverage nationwide, even in the most remote regions. This way the post office’s headquarters and their customers always stay up to date.

22`000 scanners are currently in use. Since the start of 2016, another 2`000 new devices have been equipped with the innovative Swiss Post Scanner Voice system, which facilitates M2M communication as well as mobile calling. Soon, another 16`000 delivery employees will receive their new devices, that also enable voice communication.

At the end of 2017, Sunrise received the order to connect over 3`000 sites and locations with partners of the Post through a Swisswide private network (WAN ). One of the largest and most comprehensive private networks in the whole of Switzerland. Connections with bandwidths between 10 MB and 10 GB

are required – depending on the size and importance of the location. Through a range of different, sophisticated redundancy concepts, the availability of the most important digital processes is ensured and the connection from and between critical sites safeguarded. Depending on the requirements, sensitive data is frequently encrypted during transport for greater security and Multi VRF is used to simplify communications at various sites. Data packages are prioritized during transport based on their importance by implementing post-specific service classes. For this major project, the teams at the Post and Sunrise intensively worked together to develop the network and additional options such as encryption, prioritization and so on, to the benefit of both companies.

Sunrise offers the Post additional data services and infrastructures such as fiber optic lines, local Internet connections for branches with partners as well as highly redundant lines to secure important connections in the event of a disruption. Sunrise has also set up an innovative extranet platform for the Swiss Post through which all relevant data are available to both parties: such as the interaction with various departments for orders, technical support ticket statuses, e-Billing, order statuses and a range of other features. It allows the Post and Sunrise to keep track of everything at all times, making cumbersome communi-cation via e-mail or conventional mail superfluous. It also contributes to making the Post a more sustainable company – one of its top priorities. Of course the platform is subject to the strictest security regulations, for which Sunrise is also responsible.

Recognized excellence

We have won multiple awards as an outstanding telecommunications and ICT service provider.

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