The Touring Club Switzerland trusts Sunrise

How the largest mobility club in Switzerland is working more nimbly and can react to the newest trends in a future-oriented manner thanks to solutions from Sunrise – not only in the auto industry but across all sectors.

Customer benefits

  • Seamless communications between 20 patrol support bases located throughout Switzerland

  • 50 locations benefit from the outstanding Sunrise 5G mobile network

  • With the Sunrise APN, internal TCS communication between mobile and Internet is always reliably ensured

  • Innovative, customer-oriented and flexible solutions made possible by the latest technologies – especially vital when it comes to the availability of TCS patrollers

  • Personal Sunrise support guarantees straightforward, around-the-clock assistance

  • Impeccable coverage and services nationwide at the highest SLA


The Touring Club Switzerland was founded by cyclists in Geneva in 1896. Beginning in the 1930s, the TCS developed increasingly into a champion for automobile drivers. With around 1.5 million members, the Touring Club Switzerland is the largest mobility club in Swiss. As a non-profit organization, 23 regional sections distributed across Switzerland not only offer their well-known road assistance service, but also operate in numerous additional fields such as personal assistance, legal protection, tourism and leisure. Moreover, TCS operates as a committed stakeholder in all political issues that relateto mobility, representing the interests of its members. Headquartered in Vernier (GE), TCS founded its own Mobility Academy in 2008 as a think-and-do tank. This academy has been studying trailblazing and sustainable forms of mobility ever since. In total, around 1700 employees work for the TCS. In order to offer seamless and reliable service, the Touring Club Switzerland relies on smooth communication between its employees and street patrols. Flexibility, a focus on its customers, a perfect Service Level Agreement (SLA) and 24/7 availability from its telecom service provider always come first for the TCS.


TCS intensively analyzed the telecommunications market and finally decided on Sunrise over the course of its evaluation in 2018. Key to this decision were Sunrise’s proximity to its customers and flexibility . The accessibility and excellent network coverage of Sunrise were also crucial. The independent network test carried out by trade magazine “connect” reached the same conclusion: In 2020, Sunrise was rated “Outstanding” for the fifth time , once again awarded the “Innovation Award” and impressed with the best 5G and mobile data network. Roughly 450 employees and 210 patrollers of TCS are now connected to one another through their smartphones and data cards for their tablets . Migrating from the previous provider was a straightforward and hasslefree process that was concluded successfully within four months.

Following two pilot tests involving a predetermined number of patrol users and a trial migration of 100 employees, the TCS APN was implemented with assistance from Sunrise – the “Access Point Name” enables communication between a cellular network and a packetbased data network , for example the public Internet. This was followed by the full migration of all employee and patroller connections.

Sunrise solutions always keep in line with the latest standards and future-oriented technologies. This is how the company meets the discerning technical standards of TCS, finally resulting in a significant decrease of overall operating costs , not only through attractive pricing, but also on the basis of operative benefits. The innovations provided by Sunrise and its suppliers additionally offer bespoke end user interfaces, leveraging operational potential and boosting productivity . One example: the MVR (Driver Licensing Authority) for medical staff and the timely implementation of the Huawei SDN network for new TCS data centers.

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