Interviews with apprentices


Conducted on

May 22, 2017


"When apprenticing at Sunrise, you can be sure that no one gets left behind." 

- Jennifer, Management Assistant apprentice

"Having the chance to get to know a number of areas of the company taught me a lot and makes the apprenticeship a great experience."

- Sebastian, Management Assistant apprentice

"I like that Sunrise feels like family. You also get the support you need any time you need it; and that is invaluable."

- David, Retail Sales Specialist apprentice

"I recommend the apprenticeship at Sunrise, because you can take on a lot of responsibility here. The trainers trust us and show us that they greatly value us."

- Dario, Customer Communication apprentice

"What I like especially about the apprenticeship at Sunrise is that we, the apprentices, are taken seriously and get support; in other words, our introduction to the business world takes place in a positive atmosphere."

- Joëlle, IT apprentice