Sunrise are your partners for digital innovation.

Sunrise secure the requirements that allow your business to forge ahead with technological developments to design the future.  2021 is the year of 5G and IoT. Forward-thinkers have been prophesizing their coming for some time and now they are finally upon us: Technologies like 5G and IoT are ready for use. Innovative companies are now tapping into spectacular potential. The fifth generation of mobile Internet will become the standard – artificial intelligence, machine learning and autonomous processes are no longer pipedreams. Sunrise supports – in real time. We boost innovative ideas to the next level. Working with our customers to identify and set new technological standards. Solutions for more efficient business, more dynamic customer experiences and more sustainability. Let’s get to work, together. 

Digital Innovation

5G and IoT come with great benefits for society, business and the environment.

Sunrise and help you to solve problems faster, tap into new sources of revenue and facilitate the lives of people.

Data is the foundation of innovation in our digital day and age.

Intelligently connected data boosts efficiency and generates benefits for you and your customers – sometimes humble, sometimes exciting and sometimes even disruptive.

To digitalize, companies need to invest in ICT infrastructure.

Real-time data and vast data quantities from a plethora of sources generate particular value. They require the utmost connectivity. 5G and IoT blaze the trail for huge opportunities.

Digital innovation is emerging in all fields of business and life

5G Joint Innovation Center Experience innovation live – welcoming inspiration!

Experience real 5G and IoT application examples live in the Sunrise and and Huawei Joint Innovation Center. Use our pool of experts and the growing ecosystem for your journey of digital transformation and get inspired. We will discuss your first ideas together, without any commitment, and support you in the implementation of innovation projects small and large.