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SCiON stands for «Scalability, Control and Isolation On Next-Generation Networks». SCiON takes security to the next level, enabling secure, fast and transparent data transfer between companies or public organizations. Critical data is exchanged via defined paths in a highly secure, isolated ecosystem. Common risks of cyberattacks (such as BGP hijacking or DDoS attacks) can be eliminated with SCiON. The data transfer takes place independently of the provider and on efficient, authorized routes. The technology was developed at ETH in collaboration with the Swiss company Anapaya Systems.

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Secure, latest-generation data exchange

Does your organization rely on the controlled exchange of confidential or sensitive data, both internally and externally? Then SCiON from Sunrise is the right solution for you. SCiON offers the best means for secure and controlled data transport for companies in the financial, insurance or healthcare sectors, as well as for state and government organizations with critical infrastructures.

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The most important features of SCiON

Our partner: Anapaya

The Swiss software company Anapaya Systems AG is the provider of SCiON technology, which was developed at ETH. As an ETH spin-off, Anapaya has enabled Sunrise to offer SCiON ecosystems to its business customers.  

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Thanks to SCiON and Sunrise Business, maintaining a secure connection is relatively easy. Sunrise Business has set up a SCiON-capable infrastructure in its network, allowing us to offer our customers SCiON-capable services. Existing telecommunications services can be integrated seamlessly and with minimal impact on existing network architectures. Read our whitepaper to find out more about the components included in the solution and to gain insight into the various Use Cases.

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SCiON enables data transport exclusively between authenticated participants in an ecosystem. This includes all companies or locations that are members of the same ISD (isolation domain). Your organization can become a member of an ISD through a certificate. Thanks to constant path control, no hidden paths can be used within an ISD, unlike on the Internet. This means that paths and data packages are always under control.

The process for participating in the Sunrise SCiON ecosystem is simple: You join an existing ISD community and receive a corresponding certificate, or you create a new ISD community. Once this step is completed, Sunrise will handle the entire setup, from the installation of the underlay service and the configuration of the network and overlay SCiON service right to the installation and configuration of the SCiON router. It usually takes about two weeks for the service to be activated.

In order to join the SCiON ecosystem, you will need a special router, the SCiON Edge. It will be used alongside any existing routers. SCiON Edge is installed and then managed by Sunrise within the organization or company or at the respective location.

We will be happy to work out an individual offer for you. Generally, the costs consist of a monthly fee and a one-time fee, which varies depending on the access type.


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