SD-WAN – The company network of tomorrow

A modern corporate network supports digital transformation and dynamically adapts to the needs of users. The users work with applications – applications from data centres and increasingly also from private and public clouds. The key to successful digitisation is therefore an application-centred corporate network that intelligently integrates all available network resources – including the Internet – into the application-related data traffic. This is where the software-defined company network comes in. SD-WAN is a groundbreaking solution for organising a complex and diverse application landscape. The innovative technology improves the performance of the company network in all important areas.

Your advantages

SD-WAN forms a virtual overlay network based on classic transport networks. Its centre is a cloud-based instance that manages all terminals (physical or virtual) at each site. SD-WAN is itself part of the cloud and is able to integrate any cloud resources into the corporate network as required.
Application behaviour
SD-WAN continuously measures transport quality and uses policy-based routing to automatically route application traffic to the most appropriate transport connection. This is how the service availability is maximised.
SD-WAN is equipped with a complete package of security services. The security architecture distributes the right measures (firewall, IPS, DNS security, URL filtering, MFA) to the right place and encrypts communication across the entire company network.
Control and transparency
At management level, SD-WAN provides a dashboard that makes the behaviour of the entire company network visible and constantly analyses its performance. The management view and advanced analytics provide all the information you need to identify and resolve performance issues.
Adaptability and agility
The dashboard is also a command bridge. Changes to guidelines, software updates and the integration of additional national and international offices are simplified and accelerated without compromising performance. Scaling and updating a corporate network has never been easier.
SD-WAN's innovative features add up to higher productivity as WAN management becomes easier despite growing complexity and users benefit from a highly available working environment.

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Standard features

Application-based routing creates transparency in the network and enables control and improved performance of the data traffic.

Encryption: All transmitted data are encrypted in all transport networks used (Internet, MPLS, mobile network). SD-WAN constitutes a secure overlay network.

Network segmentation: Multiple VPNs enable the development of logical topologies and the separation of business segments.

Application-based topologies: The applications can be assigned their own topologies (Full Mesh, Hub and Spoke, Point-to-Point as well as Multicast and Unicast).

Direct Internet access makes it possible for certain applications in a branch office to relay Internet and cloud data traffic directly to the Internet.

Cloud access: Cloud On-Ramp enables the integration of IaaS (Microsoft Azure, AWS, etc.) and SaaS (Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Dropbox, etc.).

Hybrid network services utilise private (MPLS, Ethernet) and public (Internet) networks in order to ensure connectivity at every location across the globe.

Embedded application recognition: Deep packet inspection creates application visibility and forms the basis for application firewalls, traffic prioritisation, application-based routing, analysis, etc.

Path quality detection selects the path in accordance with quality requirements, thus guaranteeing compliance with the SLAs.

A management console integrates all parts of the SD-WAN (single pane of glass). It provides support during implementation (configuration ) and operation (monitoring, alarm and event handling, add/move/change, maintenance, troubleshooting). The management entity is cloud-based (AWS or UPC).

DNS Security: All DNS enquiries are routed via a DNS proxy (Cisco Umbrella) and checked for integrity.

URL filtering allows or denies access to websites.

Advanced malware protection is a comprehensive solution for detecting and blocking malware.

Connectivity is provided by Sunrise-UPC Business or other service providers both nationally and internationally.

up to 64

10 Mbit/s, 20 Mbit/s, 50 Mbit/s, 100 Mbit/s, 500 Mbit/s, 1 Gbit/s, 2,5 Gbit/s, 10 Gbit/s

up to 1,000


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