Business SD-WAN
Connect secure and agile corporate network locations at home and abroad. Powered by ngena.


Nowadays, future oriented business customers expect to have more control, transparency and flexibility of their private networks. They need to be able to manage their configuration and traffic quickly and transparently and install new functionality "with the click of a mouse". And this regardless of the connectivity options available, whether in the private network or via the Internet, even in environments where different applications have different priorities and even traverse different Wide Area Networks (WAN).

The solution from Sunrise

The new Business SD-WAN from Sunrise is a Software Defined based Networking WAN solution that allows national and international company locations to be connected quickly, flexibly and securely. Business customers can choose between different access designs, bandwidths, SLA's and options. An extensive set of different functions allows e.g. local Internet access, encryption, security or Cloud Connect. Sunrise provides Swiss customers with connections at home and abroad from a single source. Because we are the Swiss partner of ngena's worldwide alliance, which enables access to over 200 countries.

Many reasons to choose Business SD-WAN from Sunrise "powered by ngena".

  • Global and local end-2-end management, but all from one source by Sunrise

  • Worldwide coverage in over 200 countries with strong partners

  • Fast activation of services through agile SD-WAN processes and innovative technologies

  • Fast product innovation cycles thanks to SDN technology

  • High-quality, secure service with excellent performance and availability

  • Many different service options

  • Various access designs (Internet and Layer 2 Ethernet based) to optimally cover your needs

  • Scalability: Business SD-WAN grows with your business as you need it, you choose the features you need

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