The secure and reliable company network

The Business VPN (Virtual Private Network) service forms the core of your private company network. With the Business VPN service, your locations achieve an any-to-any network connectivity; this means that the various locations can communicate directly with each other without having to redirect the connections through a central location.

Secure redundancy concepts via own backbones

Guaranteed performance (uplink/downlink)

From small to large bandwidths

Your advantages

The company network for high standards.

What companies does Business IP VPN work well for?

Even with as few as two geographically separate business locations, it really pays off to use Business IP VPN to permanently and reliably network the locations. As additional services, your employees also get secure access to your company network while they are on the go, as well as secure central Internet access.

You only pay for what you actually need

If what matters most is the secure linking of company locations with individual performance characteristics, Business IP VPN is the most cost-effective solution. You can determine the level of performance you need. We offer various connection technologies and bandwidths as well as a number of additional services depending on your needs. And as those needs change, the service can be quickly and flexibly adjusted to your business requirements.


Ten reasons to choose Sunrise Business IP VPN

Customized offer: You define the scope of services yourself

Scalability: Business IP VPN grows with your company as your company grows

Security and availability: Sunrise monitors your data network 24/7

Our service agreement: The Service Level Agreement (SLA) defines our obligation

No investment needed: All network components are included in the service

Transparent costs: You pay fixed monthly costs without any hidden add-ons

Customized price: You pay only for the performance features you need

Technical support: A team of IP specialists is available to provide comprehensive support to you

Extensive online tools: You can independently check the network utilization, our service, and your bill

The Sunrise experience: We have already linked thousands of locations

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Options for even more performance and service

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