Mobile Private Networks (MPNs) as a high-tech solution for business-critical applications

How can mobile devices be connected as reliably and securely as possible in critical environments? A Mobile Private Network (MPN) is the high-tech solution for all industries where «business-critical» and «mission-critical» applications are used. Traditional areas of use are factory sites, but also indoor spaces or campus locations. MPNs are private, self-contained local mobile networks that operate independently of public networks and cover specific locations.

MPNs thus offer the highest level of security en route to Industry 4.0, eHealth and smart cities.

Why companies are opting for Mobile Private Networks

The evolution of the various MPN architecture models

How are Dedicated Mobile Private Networks created and managed?

  1. The Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) is hosted or available on-premises. Installation and service management can be carried out by Sunrise.

  2. An edge gateway with a 5G network is installed on your premises to allow for large amounts of data to be processed with minimal latency. The data are processed directly at the source (edge computing) and thus remain in your hands. Various redundancy options are available.

  3. The desired network components are installed for your 5G private network. The coverage radius varies from 20 m indoors to >30 km outdoors.

  4. All devices that are to be connected to the private network must be equipped with a DAC (Digital Automation Cloud) manager. Configuration and installation can be done by Sunrise or the network owner.

  5. Managed services from Sunrise include customized consulting, implementation, training, maintenance and support based on individually defined operational requirements.

Application examples for Mobile Private Networks

Strong partnership

Nokia is the global market leader for dedicated MPNs. As a reliable partner for critical networks, the tech company operates in the areas of mobile, landline and cloud networks. Sunrise Business is a certified Nokia partner and has access to Nokia's solutions, expertise and resources, including a comprehensive partner network of renowned applications, devices and domain providers.

«We’re convinced that dedicated Mobile Private Networks are a crucial enabler of the digital transformation of Swiss industry. Thanks to managed services from Sunrise Business and our close collaboration with Nokia, our customers benefit from the best turnkey solution on the market.»

Frédéric Gibert, MPN Ambassador, Sunrise Business 

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