Sunrise Business Cockpit: the self-service portal for your employees’ mobile subscriptions

With the Sunrise Business Cockpit (SBC), your employees can manage their mobile subscriptions themselves. In the free online portal, they can manage the approved service options they have selected, independently – making sure they get the mobile subscription they need. Simple tasks can be dealt with directly within the self-service portal. This reduces your administrative burden, saves costs – and increases your employees’ satisfaction.

Your advantages at a glance

Sunrise Business Cockpit: the main features

Your employees have access to all their mobile subscription information, such as PIN and PUK codes. This significantly reduces your administrative burden.

Various other self-service settings, such as blocking/unblocking SIM cards or ordering additional SIM cards, can be easily adjusted online within the Sunrise Business Cockpit.

Allow your employees to order devices themselves, with or without insurance, and arrange repairs. The status-tracking feature helps them keep an eye on the progress of their orders at any time.

Benefit from clear and transparent separation of costs, with business and private use charged separately and conveniently to a credit card.

Your employees can also expand their mobile subscriptions to cover private use. They simply pay the cost difference with their private credit card.

With roaming options, your employees can also use their business mobile subscription on business trips or private holidays abroad. The roaming costs can be charged to either the business or private bill.

Whether they need additional domestic data volume or international calling – your employees have a choice of domestic or international service options depending on their particular mobile subscription.

The Sunrise Business Cockpit – simple to use


Whether SMEs or large companies, the Sunrise Business Cockpit is suitable for all Sunrise Business Mobile customers.

The Sunrise Business Cockpit is free for you as a Sunrise Business Mobile customer. 

Please contact your account manager or contact us using one of the contact options listed. We look forward to hearing from you.

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