First-class networking for your data centre – from 1 Gbit/s

The various network solutions in the gigabit range were developed for the highest requirements and expectations and provide for smooth operations of all your services in your data centre.

Ultra-fast and secure networking

Modern gigabit technology

Bandwidths from 1 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s (symmetrical)

Your Advantages

Sunrise Business’s Highspeed Optical Services are characterised by first-class service quality and availability

Giga Class Services and Business Ethernet in comparison


Gigaclass Services
Business Ethernet

Extremely short latency time

Supported bandwidths from 1 Gbit/s via fibre optic

Supported bandwidths up to 1 Gbit/s via fibre optic

International Layer 2 Connection

Network access

Fibre optic

Fibre optic or DSL


  • GigaClass SDH/SONET:

    622, 2488, 9953 Mbit/s

  • GigaClass FiberChannel:

    1,2,4,8,10, 16G FC

  • GigaClass GigabitEthernet:

    10, 100 Gbit/s


More security, greater flexibility with the Highspeed Optical Services options

Business Ethernet

Connect multiple locations with one another: safely, quickly and easily.