The energy transition starts with a smart meter

With its Energy Strategy 2050, Switzerland is pursuing sustainable change. An optimized CO2 balance and reduced energy consumption contribute added environmental value. Every kilowatt-hour saved has an economic impact on your bank account as well. The switch to smart meters by the end of 2027 is a key milestone on the way to becoming a 2000-watt society. Digital handling of consumption and status data brings advantages – and not only for consumers.

 We connect your smart meter safely. With our innovative solutions, you can join the smart meter ecosystem and benefit from the easiest energy management in Switzerland. As a reliable IoT partner for gas, water and electricity, we are happy to support you in this change

Customer benefits

You convert your supply network to smart meters. We assist you in this process.

Energy providers are already relying on Sunrise to effectuate economic effects such as automation through digital processes, remote maintenance and increased customer orientation.

Energy providers are already relying on Sunrise to effectuate economic effects such as automation through digital processes, remote maintenance and increased customer orientation.

You can connect the digital meters to your Meter Data Management (MDM) system via Sunrise IoT connect. In this way, the data are available for processing in your IT environment.

Advantages and application examples for providers

Until now, meter reading has been a time-consuming and manual process. This is now a thing of the past.  Intelligent energy meters will do the reading for you and transmit valuable data to the control center. This will reduce costs for you and at the same time open up opportunities for new services.

Automatic meter reading eliminates human error completely. Remote monitoring enables proactive fault recognition and easier identification of irregularities. Appropriate measures are taken to react immediately, with the highest level of data security and ensuring the best quality.

The switch to smart meters will increase internal efficiency and optimize processes. At the same time creating added value for your customers. Invoice automation and recommendations for action for end consumers are good examples. You report the costs to your customers in a transparent manner and provide data-based recommendations on the basis of the immediate and predicted energy demand.

Become part of the emerging Smart Energy ecosystem to develop new value-added services. Benefit from new players on the market like building owners and software and device providers. Leverage this potential and position yourself to benefit from new business models , such as internal consumption pools (ZEV).

Why smart metering with Sunrise?

Reliable connectivity

With its wide range of connection technologies - including 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G as well as NB-IoT and Cat.M1, Sunrise offers the connectivity you need at all times. ​

Simplicity & cost certainty

Manage and control all data access easily via Sunrise IoT Connect. In addition, our pricing model is transparent and contains no hidden costs.

Secure data management

All your data stays in Switzerland and are hosted redundantly. All meter data are safe, protected and forwarded to your data center in real time.

Modular & scalable solution

Depending on your needs, we offer a connection to your existing applications via API or special additional services for energy providers.

Smart meters pave the way for innovation in energy

Swiss utilities have to replace their conventional meters by smart meters. Smart grids and new, data-driven business models are just some examples of new possibilities this will open up.

Internet of Things

Sunrise creates the foundation for your IoT project. Learn more about our wide range of connectivity technologies like 5G etc.

5G Joint Innovation Center Experience innovation live – welcoming inspiration!

Experience real 5G and IoT application examples live in the Sunrise and Huawei Joint Innovation Center. Use our pool of experts and the growing ecosystem for your journey of digital transformation and get inspired. We will discuss your first ideas together, without any commitment, and support you in the implementation of innovation projects small and large.

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