With the Internet of Things and the multi-award-winning Sunrise mobile network offering a wide range of networking technologies such as 5G, NarrowBand IoT, and Cat-M1, Sunrise allows you to explore spectacular opportunities.

The Internet of Things

IoT connects machines, vehicles, processes, environments and even animals. Digital connectivity through IoT technologies enables real-time monitoring and management of objects, facilitating data-driven decisions. IoT not only gives you a decisive competitive edge through increases in productivity while cutting costs, but also fundamentally opens up countless new business models.


Sunrise lays the groundwork for your IoT project

With the Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) Sunrise IoT connect, Sunrise lays the groundwork for your innovative IoT project. Use Sunrise IoT connect to manage IoT connections with greater comfort and autonomy. New services can be connected, activated, and monitored in the simplest possible way – scalable as required and secure. Analytics and visualizations are available in real-time, which opens up new potential for greater efficiency and automation for IoT implementation.

Business IoT connect

Your Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) for new business potential and increased competitiveness thanks to IoT

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IoT from Sunrise at a glance

With the multi-award-winning Sunrise mobile network and a wide range of connectivity technologies ranging from 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G up to NB-IoT and Cat.M1, Sunrise always offers the best network for your IoT project. Also internationally, thanks to strong partners such as Vodafone. Attractive national and international installment plans are available for your IoT connections. 

Connectivity and automation lead to more efficient processes, greater productivity, improved customer experiences, new business models, and last but not least, also to greater sustainability.

Secure and location-independent data access. Customizable to suit your individual needs with the Sunrise IoT connect service option.

Sunrise IoT connect, the intelligent online platform with redundant data hosting in Switzerland allows you:​

  • to autonomously connect, activate, and manage SIM cards at the click of a button (50 up to several 100,000 connections possible)​,

  • to connect your existing applications through the API (application programming interface), with a service option for personalized data analytics and visualization, 

  • static IP addressing for remote device access, e.g., for remote installation of software upgrades. The connection is established via a secure APN.

Sunrise IoT connect is a managed service with a 24/7 helpdesk and network monitoring. We work together with a strong partner ecosystem for sensors, device management, data analysis, as well as IT and business process integration.

Smart Metering: Energy transition starts with a smart meter

The switch to smart meters by the end of 2027 is a key milestone on the way to becoming a 2000-watt society. Digital handling of consumption and status data brings advantages – and not only for consumers. As a reliable IoT partner for gas, water and electricity, Sunrise connects your smart meters and ensures simplified and future-proof energy management.

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