More flexibility and freedom thanks to practical service management portals

Our service management portals offer flexible solutions that facilitate daily business operations. This not only allows you to keep track of your business communication services and all the information on your mobile subscriptions, Internet, and calls, it also enables you to independently manage rate plans and SIM cards, adjust roaming settings and order new hardware. With our service management portals, you minimize administrative effort and increase your company’s efficiency.

Your advantages at a glance

Less administrative effort

Simply view and manage your subscriptions, services and options yourself. This saves you calls to Customer Service and increases efficiency.

Intuitive use

The user-friendliness of the service management portals enables simple management of communication services and products.

No costs

Service management portal usage is free for our business customers.

Hub for all services

The fleet manager (and potentially others) manages all products, services and mobile subscriptions independently on one web portal.

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Self-service for employees

Allow your employees to customize their mobile subscription options and manage simple issues themselves, e.g., blocking SIM cards.

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Roaming costs under control

You and your employees can keep track of any roaming costs you incur and purchase additional data and call packages if necessary.

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Here’s how it works

Design your company processes to suit your needs – in three steps:

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