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Dynamic Subscriptions

Available from 500 subscriptions.


Your communication needs vary from one month to the next and you don't want to deal with configuring options? You can opt for a dynamic subscription: you pay the lowest monthly subscription price - the Business Mobile M - then, when you make calls or use data abroad, our system automatically switches you to the subscription with roaming and international that fits. Easy and cost-efficient:

  • Zero configuration effort from your side, as our AI system takes care of adapting your subscription to your individual usage

  • No worries about roaming costs, since your subscription dynamically adapts to your usage and you never have to pay standard roaming rates.

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Tailored Subscriptions

Available from 500 subscriptions.


Do you do business in specific parts of the world (like the U.S or China, for example)? And/or your calling and data needs vary across the company? Then you can opt for a subscription tailored to your unique requirements:

  • You get full flexibility with regard to data amount included, minutes, roaming zones

  • You get the best possible price. Since you define what you need, at individual or group level, you don't pay for what you don't need, nor run the risk of high extra charges.

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