In control: Keep track of everything with the Sunrise Business Portal

Want to keep track of your business communication services at all times and maintain an overview of your mobile subscriptions, Internet, telephone services and other solutions? Our Sunrise Business Portal offers you this flexibility. Free for Sunrise business customers, this online portal allows our business customers to manage all Sunrise products and services using state-of-the-art digital tools. Ease of use ensures a pleasant and efficient digital end-to-end user experience.

Your advantages at a glance

Full overview

The Sunrise Business Portal is the main platform for companies to independently manage products, services and mobile subscriptions.

Very user-friendly

The modern online portal provides a pleasant, simple and secure end-to-end user experience.

Ideal addition to the Business Cockpit

Use the Sunrise Business Portal to determine which options your employees can manage in the Sunrise Business Cockpit.

Flexible access options

You decide whether an internal fleet manager, an external IT service provider or the team at Sunrise manages the portal.

Tailored to your business

The Sunrise Business Portal is perfectly tailored to your needs and offers you an individual overview of the services you use.

No costs

The portal is free of charge for our business customers.

Main functions

Mobile self-service      

Access your company’s mobile subscriptions and adjust subscriptions as well as options, activate new mobile subscriptions, activate and deactivate SIM cards and make use of many other features.

Service management  

Take advantage of other Sunrise services, including Business numbers, Business IP Remote, DDOS Protection GUI, Cloud MDM console, etc.


Smart widgets give you quick access to your most frequently used functions.

Cost Manager             

The Business Cost Manager allows you to quickly generate clear cost evaluations tailored to your needs for your various Sunrise services.

User roles                  

In addition to the main administrator account (main profile), you can also create other user profiles with different permissions.


Create support tickets at any time and access additional contact details and support information.

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Here’s how it works

Use our free end-to-end tool

You decide who manages the Sunrise Business Portal

You select one or more fleet managers within your company who assume responsibility for managing the portal.

If you work with an IT service provider, you can also authorize them to manage the Sunrise Business Portal.

You can also appoint us to manage your services. This will give you a designated contact and allow you to stay in touch with us directly.

You decide what changes your employees can make to their options independently, e.g., upgrade/downgrade their mobile subscription, order a new device, etc.

Discover additional service management portals

Self-service for employees

Allow your employees to customize their mobile subscription options and manage simple issues themselves, e.g., blocking SIM cards.

To the Sunrise Business Cockpit

Roaming costs under control

You and your employees can keep track of any roaming costs you incur and purchase additional data and call packages if necessary.

To the Sunrise Roaming Cockpit

Recognized excellence

We've been recognized as an outstanding telecom & ICT service provider

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