Do something great!

We want to be more to you than just a telecom provider. We want to be your partner who inspires you to make your dreams come true. Every day. Let’s dream big and achieve great things together.

All Sunrise activities have the same vision: When people connect, creativity flourishes, innovations abound and new perspectives arise. The possibilities are endless, leading to a progressive future where every day is brighter and filled with more joy. This is why Sunrise exists. Sunrise brings together emotions, mindsets and perspectives that inspire people and society to dream big, pursue their ambitions and achieve great things: DREAM BIG. DO BIG.  

The name itself exudes positivity and determines the way Sunrise approaches things (engagingly positive). To live up to this self-image, Sunrise consistently drives the market forward and offers its customers every possible option to create new perspectives through innovative, smart and personalized solutions (relentlessly empowering). Sunrise makes a significant difference when it comes to things that are truly important (surprisingly meaningful) and promotes a simpler and better life for people and society. The Sunrise logo (Aurora) illustrates the infinite horizon of new possibilities that every sunrise brings. 

Sunrise meets the highest demands and differentiates itself clearly from the competition with:  

  • The fastest and most reliable connections thanks to the widest and fastest 5G network combined with the best Internet in Switzerland. This results in real giga-speed coverage for over 90% of the country as well as an award-winning wi-fi solution to guarantee the best connections, even at home.  

  • Comprehensive and personalized entertainment to suit all tastes, including an extensive sports offering thanks to the Sunrise Edition of oneplus as well as numerous streaming apps such as Netflix, MySports, blueTV, Sky and more, all in one place. A personalized TV experience with recommendations and profiles tailored to individual users, which includes the Sunrise TV App for at home and on the go – even while abroad. The easy-to-install, environmentally friendly and award-winning TV Box (the IPTV Box consists of 85% recycled plastic and boasts very low energy consumption) also impresses customers with its intuitive voice control feature. 

  • The best customer experience and highest degree of added value thanks to the best customer service in Switzerland, boasting personal, local support as well as intuitive digital support. Our future-proof products, that are specifically tailored to the needs of our customers, come with unbeatable combo benefits. On top of this, Sunrise Moments offers unique and unforgettable experiences. It is the first comprehensive loyalty scheme in the Swiss Telco market and Sunrise uses it to offer customers exclusive benefits and unforgettable experiences every week at music and sports events.  

  • Standard-setting innovations: Sunrise connects people and machines, cows, robots and drones, football stadiums and fans, construction sites and smart buildings, robotics and telemedicine, electricity meters and energy networks etc. Sunrise consistently drives innovation based on 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) and sets industry-wide standards.  

  • Strategic partnerships: In order to keep offering our customers unique benefits on a regular basis, Sunrise relies on an ecosystem that includes strategic partnerships and commitments. For example, Sunrise has secured Roger Federer as a brand ambassador, acts as the main partner of Swiss-Ski and the Athletes Network, is a premium partner of Hallenstadion Zürich and has entered into partnerships with CH Media, Ticketcorner and many more.  

  • Responsibility and sustainability: The environment, social responsibility and corporate governance are central topics anchored in the Sunrise strategy. With our ongoing commitment, we want to harness the strength of our brand, our employees and our connectivity to bring about positive change in our society. This includes being an employer who provides state-of-the-art workspaces for employees as well as a dynamic and international environment in which every voice is heard, perspectives are shared and values are respected.