Free for 3 months

Sunrise Smart WiFi

Maximum coverage for your home

3 months for free, then CHF 5.–/month

Automatically configured in just a few minute
Scalable for any apartment size
Real-time optimization

Our super-intelligent Sunrise Smart Wi-Fi includes the brand-new Connect Pods that provide better network coverage and faster speeds throughout your home. This is our most reliable service for surfing, gaming and streaming programs, wherever you want it, and all for just CHF 5.– per month. The first 3 months are free of charge.

How many Pods do I need for my apartment?

3 room apartment
4+ room apartment
Detached house
Very large house
Free for 3 months

Sunrise Smart WiFi start

Mid-sized households with one wireless dead zone, with multiple Wi-Fi devices

CHF 5.-
CHF 0.-

Sunrise Smart WiFi extend

Extra Pod for larger households with multiple rooms and many connected devices


CHF 5.– per additional Pod

CHF 5.-
  • A Connect Pod is a wifi extender that fits into a 3-pole socket common in most households.
    The wifi extender connects to your Connect Box, ensuring super-fast, uninterrupted wifi throughout your home.

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