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My Sunrise: More than a customer center

Everything under control around the clock

This is My Sunrise

My Sunrise is your online customer center, where you can keep track of everything anytime, anywhere. With My Sunrise you can review and manage all of your products, options, bills, and data anytime or find questions and answers on topics related to devices and products. On your computer or with the app.

The My Sunrise app

An overview of key features

  • App search: When you enter a search term, you are taken directly to the requested information/functionality in the app, saving yourself a few extra mouse clicks.
  • Dashboard: You can now easily locate all relevant information regarding your included services and usage on the start page.
  • You can directly access the Roaming Cockpit to ensure that you are well-informed, even abroad.
  • Change your subscription, manage your options or order your new mobile directly from the app.
  • Favorites (rapid access): Use a predefined list to set and sort them. This will get you to the requested information or functionality more quickly.
  • "Help" provides you with anytime access to useful instructions and answers.
  • Overview of your current bills, running costs
  • Real time: Changes in the settings regarding your bill are displayed immediately.

This is what you can do in the online customer center:

Current charges, usage, and bills

  • View current charges, current usage, and remaining included units
  • Review bills with the billing assistant. This function offers a detailed, graphic overview of your costs and gives you the option to search for specific connection details.
  • Make changes to billing settings such as format and payment method
  • Pay open bills directly with your credit card, postal service card, PayPal, or Masterpass
  • View your general reminder status and pay overdue amounts directly online
  • Set up cost controls with individual limits
  • Manage service blocks

Your subscriptions

  • Adapt or switch your subscription
  • Order a new SIM card
  • Activate a SIM card or block a lost card
  • Recharge your prepaid balance
  • Optimize your subscription with roaming, international, and insurance options
  • Access the Roaming Cockpit to conveniently sign up for a variety of different roaming options
  • Redeem loyalty benefits and enjoy discounted options
  • Check the connection when you experience disruptions or problems and receive help

Your customer data

  • Report a move
  • Change your customer and billing address
  • Change your e-mail address
  • Change your My Sunrise password

Important documents

  • Manage your contracts, warranty records, and insurance policies centrally in one place

Get help with your devices and services

  • Find answers to questions about your devices and services
  • Read instructions and watch tutorials
  • Benefit from tips and tricks

My Sunrise is also available as an app

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The most useful features

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