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New Sunrise TV combines TV, streaming, sports, apps and radio.

Your personalized TV experience, anytime, anywhere

Up to 6 personal profiles

Create your personal profile and enjoy personalized recommendations sorted according to your preferences and shown on the new personal home screen.

7 days Replay

Simply re-start a show or go back in time to seven days ago. With Replay, you have the TV program of more than 275 channels at any time.

Up to 2000 h of recording

Whether current or past programs, with the recording function you can save your favorite shows. Record your hit series as one and even many films in parallel.

Voice Control

With Sunrise TV, everything is at your command. Search for shows in your TV line up and your favorite apps easily by voice control.

Sunrise UPC App included

Continue to watch your serie seamlessly on your mobile device. With the new Sunrise UPC TV app.


Simple and intuitive with the same user interface and TV experience on the Sunrise TV Box as well as on all your mobile devices.

Live sports, the best blockbusters, movies and series

The biggest selection with our TV packages

Your apps in Sunrise TV

Everything in one box: With the Sunrise TV apps, all your favorite shows are just a click away


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The Sunrise TV products at a glance

Whether through a TV Box or an app: These are the devices on which you can receive our TV offerings

Something for every taste: The channels on Sunrise TV

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